Smart space-saving solutions so you can make room for more

August 13, 2019

You know, whether you live in a palatial 4BHK or a tiny studio apartment, space is always a concern. ‘Is there room for everything?’ well, that’s a question that haunts us. Smart storage solutions could go a long way in ensuring you have room for everything you love.  With some clever designing ideas, you can make your apartment elegant and stylish. So here are a few space-saving ways to bring out the personality of your home and keep your home fashion-forward. 

But before we get started, friendly advice is that, before you start making room for more, see if you really need it. Often times, stuff we never use is what takes up the most room in our homes. Do a quick purge of everything you haven’t used in the last year or so, old instruction manuals, boxes that serve no purpose, old chargers, cables and even clothes. 

But now that you know exactly what you want, here are a few smart storage solutions to know exactly you can store everything your heart desires.

Hide-away storage


We all love clothes, shoes, and toys, but the problem is that they take up a whole lot of space. The solution? Hide ‘em! And hiding your stuff doesn’t have to look ugly. Hide them beautifully in these storage cabins and shelves in a staircase and never worry about storage space ever again. You can also choose from the furniture with smart storage. Centre tables and beds that have a small section to stow away newpapers, bedding etc.

Collapsible furniture


A collapsible table and foldaway chairs are life-savers in modest city living. This is also called modular furniture and it not only gives you more space to use but also looks stylish and elegant giving your apartment the personality it needs. 

The unused closet


So, this tip isn’t exactly landlord friendly, but you can always remove the door of an unused closet and use it to create your own little work station giving your living room the zap of space it needs!

Corner Shelves


Corner shelves are your friends. A little shelf action in the corners of your house will surprise you with their efficiency. Install small, narrow shelves in the corner of your bedroom to hold a few bedside essentials like phone, night light, candles, etc. Or install them in all the corners of your living space to hold flower pots.

DIY Pinboard


No need to pin everything to your refrigerator when you can make your own cute pinboard. You can create this beauty in just half an hour and it’s the perfect place to pop in those coupons, letters, important letters and reminders that so often just get left on the side.

Ceiling shelves


Have high ceilings? Make the most of them and install high shelves everywhere in your house. If you can’t quite get to them just make sure you get a ladder that can also serve as a storage solution. It looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional as well. 

Got some space-saving ideas of your own you’d like to share? Spill the beans in the comments below!